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"Immediately started to feel more energetic...Lost 9 pounds in less than 14 days...I have been wowed beyond my imagination...Coach Tanya, listens intently and without judgment or criticism..."

Wowed beyond my imagination!

"Although Coach Tanya is a Certified Nutritionist, I came into the Coaching Program with somewhat average expectations. I expected a traditional do's and don'ts approach with a typical "one-size-fits all" protocol to improve my health. However, I have truly been wowed beyond my imagination! Tanya has a very warm caring personality. She seeks to educate you beyond the basics. She is diligent about ensuring you understand where you are and how you can quickly start seeing measurable results when following her recommended protocol.

Some of my greatest achievements have been learning to be more emotionally balanced and not too hard on myself. In turn, I have been more patient and trusting in following the process.

You will recognize early in the program that Coach Tanya has a genuine concern for your personal welfare and passion for your success. As both your coach AND cheerleader, she will inspire you to know that health and wellness is not only possible but inevitable with her program.

Coach Tanya is a breath of fresh air, unlike anything you have likely experienced from other health experts (...and yes, that includes medical doctors, dietitians, etc.). She listens intently and without judgement or criticism. Along your journey, she seeks to help you garner more wins, whether greater or small. Just as she says, they all add up!

There is nothing I would change. The program is robust and all-encompassing. In fact, Coach Tanya has often gone above and beyond many times to ensure I stay on track and get the results I've been striving for.

Take the leap with Tanya. Invest in your health. After all, it is YOUR greatest asset!"

Judy K


"I followed Tanya's strategies and immediately started to feel better and more energetic. Before I began Tanya's program, I had tried to lose some weight, an extra 25; I was discouraged and thought nothing would work for me. I lost 9 pounds in less than 14 days with Tanya's help and finally reached my goal. Unbelievable! I am now equipped to maintain my healthy weight and my new healthy lifestyle habits. Thank you, Tanya, for listening to me, being there for me anytime I needed a motivation boost and your valuable practical advice that helped me find hope that I was able to achieve weight loss."

Solem L


"Wow, Tanya is an outstanding coach! Her knowledge, experience, and positive energy have been key to finding the motivation I needed to pursue a healthier lifestyle. In just a few short weeks, I was able to use the best health strategies to help me eat better, gain loads of energy, and remain motivated. During this short time, I stopped smoking, and I lost 15 pounds and was finally able to get rid of my chronic constipation. Tanya was the guiding light I needed and had been looking for for the past three years. Thanks so much, Tanya!!!"

Veronica L


"I'm now eating better and nourishing my body in a way that allows me to sleep better, have more daily energy, and finally get to my ideal weight. When I began working with Tanya, I immediately started to feel great and lost 12 pounds in less than six weeks; people around me started noticing and commenting on my improved complexion! I can also say that my IBS has finally settled, and I've never been in my life so stable, regular & pain-free. Thanks so very much, Tanya, for not giving up on me."

Darlene S


Why You Can and Must Do This, NOW!

Hey there, beautiful soul. If you've made it this far down the page, it's not by accident. There's a part of you yearning for more—for wellness, for vibrancy, and for a life unshackled by the woes of aging. I get it. 

I created Meno-Meltdown™ Alchemy because I've been there.

If you're like me and have tried every solution under the sun, only to find yourself defeated, discouraged, and disheartened, then please, let me urge you as a friend: 

Take this one last chance with this program. I promise this will be the last solution you ever try!

This isn't some fly-by-night PDF guide conjured up after a weekend of Googling "How to lose weight during menopause." 

We're talking 15 years deep into the heart of nutrition science and women’s health. 

We're talking about helping my husband restore his health after battling cancer, overcoming my own harrowing digestive issues, and navigating my own ride on the menopause express. 

And yes, helping countless other women reclaim their radiant selves.

You CAN Do This, and Here's Why I Know…

Look, the journey may seem daunting, but the biggest battles are won step by step. You've got what it takes. And more importantly, you've got me—a guide who's walked in your shoes—to steer you right. 

With Meno-Meltdown™ Alchemy, you're not just buying a program; you're gaining a partner in crime (the good kind!) to help you shed not just the weight but also those nagging doubts, fears, and symptoms that hold you back.

You MUST Do This, and Here’s Why…

Because as the world stands, we're playing a dangerous game of Roulette with our health, and it's time to bet on ourselves.

Reality Check 1: The Rise of Obesity & Overweight—The Not-So-Silent Epidemic

The deck is stacked against us; the world is getting heavier, with obesity rates tripling since 1975. This isn’t just a statistic; it's a cry for change.

And please, let's not even talk about diets and short-term fixes. If they worked, wouldn't we see obesity rates declining instead of climbing? 

According to the World Health Organization, more than 84% of the American population will be overweight or obese by 2024! We have the power to change this narrative, and I’m here to help us do it.

Reality Check 2: The Food, Pharma, and Western Medicine—Not Your BFFs

Our food is being treated like a high school chemistry experiment. Big Pharma and Western Medicine fall short when it comes to preventative care. But with knowledge put into action, you regain control over your health and well-being.

Reality Check 3: COVID-19—The Alarming Alarm Bell

Optimal health isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Now more than ever, it's crucial to armor up with wellness, not just to defy aging but to protect ourselves from a world that is increasingly hostile to our overall health.

Still with Me?

This isn't fear-mongering; it's fact-mongering. Invest in something that fills you with energy and adds life to your years! 

You have the power to flip the script and be the CEO of your own health and body.

Risk-Free? Absolutely!
I know stepping into the unknown can feel scary. But what's even scarier? Waking up a year from now feeling awful, being sick, and missing out on the life you deserve. 

That’s why Meno-Meltdown™ Alchemy comes with a 14-day risk-free guarantee. The benefits are worth more than your fears.

Your health is your lifeline in a world that's making it harder to stay afloat. But you? You're not just here to survive; you're here to thrive.

So, let's put an end to the what-ifs and get you on the path to the life you desire and deserve. 

The question isn't if this will work for you, but how soon you want to feel fabulous again. 

And that moment can start now.

What are you waiting for, Queen? The time is NOW! 🌟

With all the love, compassion, and a dash of urgency

Tanya xx

3 payments of



A one-time payment of

Save 20% $2498


Receive an additional bonus when paying in full!

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