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Master Your Plate, Master Your Health!

Tired of the constant nutrition contradictions? "Carbs are the enemy one day, fats the next."

Sifting through the ever-changing health advice can leave you overwhelmed, frustrated, and uncertain about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Put an end to the confusion. Introducing the Plate Perfect Guide — your ticket to a fuss-free formula for eating right, feeling light, and enjoying every bite.

NO MORE Calorie Counting

NO MORE Restrictions

Just Delicious, Nutritious Tailored Meals

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Think carbs are your weight loss enemy? Think again. Dive deep into the essential role of carbs for lasting weight loss.
Unsure about how much to eat? My simple method ensures you effortlessly get the right amounts and nutrients for your body — no gadgets or fancy calculations needed!
What you should NEVER do when trying to maintain a balanced diet. Overlook this, and you risk derailing your health goals.
Think healthy eating requires endless hours in the kitchen? Think again! I'll guide you to quick, nutritious, and delicious meals without the fuss.
With my Plate Perfect Formula, you'll never stress about what to eat again! It's perfectly tailored to your body’s nutritional needs, helping you achieve your health goals quickly!
See how this easy method beats calorie counting, weighing, and those outdated food rules you've been told to follow - every single time!"
AND so much more!

Hey there, soul-sister!

I'm Tanya, sometimes called the "Gut Whisperer." But at heart, I'm just a gal on a mission to help you thrive at any age. 

Feeling a bit out of sorts lately? Wrestling with unexpected weight gain, joint pain, digestive woes, or an unwelcomed dance with fatigue? Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here? 😇 - Yes, I hear you sister-friend! 

I've walked that path. Now, standing on the doorstep of the big 5-0, and with my expertise as a certified nutrition practitioner and master health coach, I'm navigating those tumultuous waters. 

Here's the scoop: hitting 40+ DOES NOT mean it's all downhill from here.

Listen, aging may be inevitable...BUT girl, suffering is definitely OPTIONAL!

Whether you're starting to sense subtle shifts or you're in the midst of the tidal waves of menopause, rest assured, I've got your back. 💖

That's precisely why I crafted the Plate Perfect guide—to show you how simple it can be to nourish your body, ditch the dieting dogma, shed weight, and tackle symptoms head-on.

I'm here to help you reclaim your body's rhythm. Whether you're menopausal or simply aiming to age with grace!

So grab this gem of a freebie and let's embrace ageless health together.

Remember, you've got this! And I'm with you, every high-kicking, fabulous step of the way. 

Sending a big virtual hug 🤗 and a sprinkle of sparkle!✨

Tanya Auger

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